Issue #005

Hey all, Hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy. I’ve got to tell you… Writing this issue stressed the living hell out of me. It’s the first monthly installment of Bootstrapped Branding (after switching from weekly). And I made you a promise about the quality and the value you’d receive. I was stressed because I wanted …

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Issue #004

The first step to standing out. As a bootstrapped brander you need to make an impression. To get attention. To stand out. Let’s talk about how to do just that. Categories become cliches of themselves. t’s a matter of time. They copy each other’s features. They play in the same prices ranges. They seek out …

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Issue #002

You are not the hero. I repeat. You are not the hero. Brands love storytelling but very few are good at it. Biggest mistake? Making themselves the hero. Your customer is the hero. “What the hell am I? Chopped liver?”, you shout.Maybe. Back to the topic at hand. Instead of being the hero, you are …

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